Pip Chock and Shoveit hand safety tools

Tool Joint Protectors are Grey Casing & Standard Tubing Protectors are Charcoal Hydril PH6 Tubing Protectors & Pipe Chocks are Orange Hydril CS Tubing Protectors are Blue Sucker Rod Protectors are Black 

Standard Threaded Protectors  
Are available in select Tubing, Casing and Tool Joint sizes. Designed to meet your every day requirements and are suitable for most applications. Available in sizes from 518" Sucker Rod thru 13 3/8" Casing, and Tool Joint sizes from 2" thru 7 5/8". Please see price sheets for particulars. 

XHD Threaded Protectors  
Are available in select Tubing, Casing and Tool Joint sizes. X-tra Heavy Duty for the most demanding applications. Thicker Stronger and Heavier than our Standard Threaded Protectors. Please see price sheets for particulars. 

STA-FLEX Protectors  
Are available in select Tubing and Casing sizes. Designed to meet your requirements for durability, strength and ease of application, STA-FLEX (patented) protectors contain four interrupted rows of flexible ribs or fins. When knocked on, the ribs double-back and interlock with the threads they protect. The result is a lock-tight, stay-on protector, regardless of abuse, temperature extremes or rolling pipe. To remove, simply unscrew. Sizes from 2 3/8" to 12 3/4". Built-in versatility eliminates the need for double inventories. STA-FLEX fits both STC & LTC and all thread configurations, i.e. 8rd, 8V, Buttress, VAM, etc. 

API 5CT compliance information for Plastic Protectors EUE, NUE, LI, Buttress, VAM, Hydril PH-6 & CS. Tubing Sizes V."- 4 'A" & Casing Sizes 4 'A"- 13 3/8" 

Ponderosa's Thread Protectors are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed requirements of API -5CT to give maximum protection to the threads while in Transit, Storage and Handling. 

Ponderosa's line of Tool Joint Protectors 2" - 7 5/8" and Sucker Rod Protectors 5/8" - 1" are designed to men or exceed the same rigorous standards. 

Thread protectors are to be installed by alignment over the threads and turning onto the pipe or into the coupling. Installation may be assisted with the use of a strap wench or other suitable implement. It is not acceptable to hammer or strike threaded protectors in any way to assist installation. For corrosion protection proper application of thread compound is required. 

Protectors with dried or contaminated compounds shall be completely cleaned and dried. A light, even coat of thread compound should be applied to the protector before installation. All thread compounds shall be fresh, free of contamination and debris, and well mixed. Dilution of thread compounds with any substance is strictly forbidden. Kendex is a storage compound and NOT suitable for domnhole use. 

Application of Thread Compound 

Thread compounds can be applied sparingly and should not be applied excessively. Sufficient thread compound has been applied when all threads are covered with no gaps or bate spots leaving the thread form discernible beneath the compound. Carefully review and follow field makeup procedures with respect to amount, application, and distribution of thread compounds. 

Again, thread compound should be applied sparingly; avoid over-doping to the point where excessive amounts are squeezed out during assembly. 

Thread Compounds: API Modified, Best-O-Life 2000 or equivalent.

Storage Compounds: Kendex or equivalent. Sample protectors can be provided for independent testing. 

Ponderosa's quality control procedures routinely test for: 

Fit/ Make-Up/Break-Out Torque 

Vibration Tolerance 

Snip-Out/No Thread Tearing 

Corrosion Resistance 

Chemical Resistance to Solvents and Cleaners 

UV Inhibitors Added for Superior UV Resistance 

These tests include, in High/Low Temperature Environment: 

Impact Resistance: 

45-degree impact 

Axial impact

Lateral impact 

Data Sheets documenting design criteria are available for inspection on specific products. 

Ponderosa's Thread Protectors are not designed for hookability as the Closed End Pin Protectors will prevent installation of the hook and the Open End Pin Protectors provide no ID protection. The material used in our manufacturing process is High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is purchased by lot number. The HDPE is only purchased after sample pans are produced and subjected to ow rigorous testing procedures. During the manufacturing process the Protectors are visually inspected and fit tested on a standard gauge on a regular basis several times each hour. 

All manufactured pans are packed in cartons at the machine and canons are Date and Shift stamped for traceability. Ponderosa has a Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy that if for any reason our Protectors do not meet the users' requirements, any of the unused Protectors can be returned to our facility for refund or replacement.