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Pin knocker 1" head - Free Shipping in US

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Unlike traditional pin knockers that place hands of one of the operators within inches of a sledge hammer strike our next generation keeps them up to 2.5 feet away.

The next generations Pin Knockers are the required product for all Nabors International oil rigs and are also highly used by H&P and Patterson rigs.

Product specs for improved product line:
Our product line comes in 3 size heads Diameters, 1", 1.5" & 1.25"
Made out of steel - Metal painter red
Made with non conductive, strong, impact absorbent, industrial plastic
Handle ergonomically designed for strong grip
Tethered ring for use at elevation
Weight - 1" 15 pounds
Weight - 1.25" 20 pounds
Weight - 1.5" 24 pounds

Length of head to tip: 28 inches
Length of handle to joint: 37 inches
Length of strike zone to joint: 7 3/8 inches
Length of pin zone to joint: 14 inches
Made in the USA