Pip Chock and Shoveit hand safety tools

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    ShoveIt Hand Safety Tool

    LHR offers the new ShoveIt Hand Safety Tool to help avoid pinch points and other hand related safety issues while working with suspended loads. The ShoveIt Hand Safety Tool is non-conductive and cleverly designed to help:

    • Push against flat surfaces, corners or rounded edges of suspended loads.

    • Move pipes and tubulars with the "V" shaped end.

    • Grab slings and taglines with the hooks.

    LHR services and equipment is a leading supplier of safety products specialize in minimally mines and oil gas energy marine petroquemical industires. We developed the shoveit hand safety tool to help users reduce hand and finger injuries by avoiding pinch point other hand related safety issues while working with suspended loads. The shoveit is available and three standards sizes 42 inches, 50 inches, and 72 inches. Custom length and configurations are available upon request cleverly designed V shaped head at the show that can say control is versatile allowing users to push against flat surfaces corners are rounded edges a suspended loads. The v-shaped head features a rubber lining to prevent slippage when using the tool its shape also allows users to safely guide drill pipe a casings and other tubulars without direct use at their hands. The opposing grab hooks help the user maneuver taglines and slings on suspended loads. A slip-resistant hand grip is position halfway down the length the tools a second slip resistant hand grip is offered on the 72 inch model. The 42 and 50-inch models are finished of with a D handle. The grips are ergonomically designed to buy users with maximum pushing and pulling control. No metal parts are used in the manufacturing and the shove-it. It is non-conductive the Shove it hand safety tool has been electrically tested to high-line national standards seventy five kilowatts. The Shove it was a push force rating at six hundred pounds and a pull force a 350-pound. The Shoveit hand safety tool is versatile and may be used in a number applications in the field use. Use the Shoveit to grab taglines, grab sling legs, land suspended loads, guide suspended loads, guide tubulars however please note that the shove it may not be use to pry of lift any items. Safety equipment should always be worn while utilizing the shoveit be sure to follow your company's safety policies and best practice guidelines for maneuvering loads.